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Center Calls on States to Plan to Expand Vaccination Through Stocks and Supplies Through the End of June | India News


NEW DELHI: The Center on Tuesday recommended that states and UT plan to expand vaccination coverage through on-hand stocks and anticipated supplies through the end of June, while private hospitals were advised not to allow registration of vaccines offline, as all records must be online.
The Union Ministry of Health, which held a review meeting via videoconference with state administrators and UT on the progress of vaccination, urged states and UT to make full use of the flexibilities available in CoWIN to improve the pace of the vaccination campaign, a Declaration of the Ministry of Health said.
The visibility of the anticipated supplies of each tranche with the expected delivery date until June 15 for the free supply by the Government of India and until June 30 for the doses of vaccine procured directly by the states has been provided by the ministry to all states and UT, according to the statement. .
They were advised to form a dedicated team of two or three members to periodically coordinate with vaccine manufacturers for the timely supply of vaccines through “ channels other than the Government of India ”, which also includes private hospitals (the list of private hospitals along with the contracted and supplied doses is shared daily with the states and UT).
Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan held a review meeting via video conference with state administrators and UT on the progress of vaccination, modifications to the CoWIN software that will provide more flexibility to vaccine administrators, along with with the effective implementation of SoPs for the containment and management of Covid. (particularly in areas underserved by health infrastructure).
A detailed presentation was presented on the progress of the vaccination campaign at the national level, with a focus on states and UTs that lag behind in providing coverage to vulnerable population groups.
The coverage of the first and second doses to health workers (TS) and frontline workers (PDA) at the state level was reviewed. The scope to substantially accelerate vaccination in this category was highlighted, according to the statement.
“While states have been repeatedly urged to keep vaccine waste below 1%, many states such as Jharkhand (37.3%), Chhattisgarh (30.2%), Tamil Nadu (15.5%), Jammu and Kashmir (10.8%), Madhya Pradesh (10.7%) report waste much higher than the national average (6.3%), “the statement read.
States and UT were recommended to prepare a district plan for the Covid Vaccination Center (CVC) for the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine until June 15 and to use multiple media platforms for the dissemination of said plan, according to the statement.
They were also advised to quickly prepare and implement a decentralized communication strategy to address concerns about vaccines in rural, tribal, or hard-to-reach areas. Lactating women should be given priority among health care and frontline workers who have not received the vaccine, according to the statement.
States and UTs were recommended to make proactive efforts to involve private sector hospitals in Covid-19 vaccination and ensure the monitoring of the vaccination rate and strict adherence to the vaccination SOPs shared by the Government of India.
It was re-emphasized that both government and private CVCs should post their calendar on CoWIN in advance and should desist from posting single day calendars to ensure that CVCs are not overcrowded and that the process of booking appointments on CoWIN is complicated. free, the statement said.
The states were also informed that the Russian Sputnik vaccine has now been added to the CoWIN portal.
States were reiterated that as per the latest notice shared with them regarding Covid Vaccination Centers (CVCs) in the workplace, family members, as defined by employers, will henceforth be covered for vaccination. In addition, there will be special sessions for “People without an identity card,” the statement read.
Another added flexibility in CoWIN is that there will be a provision for separate sessions for categories 18-44 years and 45+ years. Sessions can now be rescheduled instead of canceled while the reason for the sessions is being recorded.
Private hospitals were advised not to allow vaccine registration offline, as all records must be online. It was also clarified that industrial organizations and corporate entities that do not have a hospital are required to link with a private hospital.
Private hospitals were also recommended to publish sufficiently longer vaccination schedules in terms of days.
Regarding the publication of the schedule, states have been recommended to set a duration of one day to publish the schedule (eg, Between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., 9 a.m. M. to 10 p.m., Etc.) so that citizens can see availability and book more easily. dating in a simple and easy way, says the statement.

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