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577 Orphaned Children During Second Wave of Covid, WCD Ministry Says | India News


NEW DELHI: up to 577 kids were orphaned during the second wave of the pandemic, ongoing in all states since April, according to information available with the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD). All of these children are with their immediate families today, their needs are being met and the government is monitoring them for their safety, the ministry said.
According to WCD ministry sources, if one relies on the data on 577 children shared by the states, it doesn’t even come close to the exaggerated figures that many had claimed and shared that Delhi has so far reported only one such case. to the ministry.
According to a senior official, according to data shared by the states, these children are not abandoned and are under the protection of the district authorities. Child welfare committees will monitor their welfare, an official said.
WCD Minister Smriti Irani in a tweet said: “The Government of India (GOI) is committed to supporting and protecting all vulnerable children due to the loss of both parents to Covid-19. From April 1, 2021 until 2 pm today, state and UT governments across the country have reported 577 children whose parents succumbed to Covid-19. “He added that his ministry has been in continuous contact with all states. and that weekly written reports are being generated since the outbreak of the pandemic, in collaboration with all states along with NCPCR, Childline 1098 and other agencies.
Meanwhile, it was learned from senior officials that the government has decided to allocate Rs 10 lakh per district under the Integrated Child Protection Plan of the WCD ministry for the welfare of these children.
According to sources, the WCD ministry has taken stock of all the SOS messages for adoption that were circulating on social media and found to be false. However, the WCD ministry, the interior ministry and all concerned authorities are on high alert to watch out for cases of trafficking of orphaned children in the name of adoption.
Earlier, in a public notice to inform people about the procedure for the rehabilitation of children, who have lost their parents to Covid-19, the WCD ministry had made it clear that people should refrain from participating. or encourage such actions, which are in contravention of legal provisions. The ministry also stated that anyone who wants to adopt an orphan child can turn to the Central Adoption Resource Authority ( face.nic.in) for “legal adoptions”.
In listing the legal procedure for the rehabilitation of children, who lost their parents to Covid-19, the WCD said that children, who have lost both parents to Covid-19, should appear before the Welfare Committee District Children’s within 24 hours, excluding travel time.

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