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More than 160 police officers in UP succumbed to Covid since its outbreak, says ADG | India News


MEERUT: A total of 162 police officers in UP have lost their lives due to Covid-19 since its outbreak, a senior police officer said on Sunday. Prashant Kumar, ADG (law and order), said that 90% of UP police department personnel have been vaccinated for being front-line workers. “The remaining (10%) either did not take the jab by choice or were advised by a doctor not to do so due to their existing health problems,” he said.
The list of the deceased also includes the names of some staff members of the Government Railroad Police, the Provincial Armed Police, the Anti-Corruption Organization, the Crime Section and the CB-CID Crime Investigation Department. Kumar also said that compensation will be awarded in all cases very soon. “CM Yogi Adityanath has also given instructions to accelerate the process of giving compassionate work to the clerk of every police personnel who died from Covid-19,” he said. A plan is being prepared to establish a Covid-19 hospital on reserved police lines in all districts of the state.

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