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‘Limited import of legumes, will not affect growers’ | India News


'Limited import of legumes, will not affect growers' | India News

NEW DELHI: The government is dismissing fears of a drop in prices because pulses import, arguing that the quantities proposed to be shipped are small and, in any case, domestic production is less than demand.
Official sources clarified on Sunday that the measure will not affect farmers’ income, citing the total availability of tur or arhar and office abroad it is only 12 lakh tonnes. Even with free importation, the quantity of these pulses shipped to India is unlikely to increase significantly. The sources said that all the availability of tur and urad in foreign countries will not be shipped.
Farmers have obtained better prices than the minimum support price in the last two years, as national production has been lower than demand. India’s tur production is estimated to be around 39 lakh tonnes in 2021, while urad production is pegged at 24.5 lakh tonnes. The import of tur and urad is estimated at 4.4 lakh tonnes and 3.3 lakh tonnes, respectively.


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