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Closure extended to June 1 in Bihar: Prime Minister | India News


Closure extended to June 1 in Bihar: Prime Minister | India News

PATNA: The Nitish kumar government in Bihar on Monday the Covid-induced period was extended until June 1 isolation which has been in effect for almost a month and was going to effective until Tuesday.
The prime minister made an announcement in this regard on his official Twitter account.
“The lockdown has had a good impact and there has been a decrease in contagion from the crown. Therefore, the decision has been made to continue the lockdown until June 1,” Kumar tweeted after chairing a high-ranking meeting. level convened to review the situation of the pandemic. in the state, attended by members of his cabinet and senior officials.
The lockdown was first imposed with effect from May 5 to May 10, after the state was rocked by an unprecedented increase in Covid 19 cases and deaths.
Later it was extended until May 25. The restrictions include the suspension of almost all business activities. Stores that sell basic necessities can operate for four hours FROM 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Strict measures are being taken, including police repression, to prevent people from disobeying the rules and those who flagrantly break them are being registered under Disaster management law and the Law of Epidemics.
In addition, ministers have been reprimanded while receiving official notice for touring their districts to supervise development works and have been told that such acts could have a detrimental effect on the enforcement of restrictions by ordinary people.
More than four lakh people have been infected and more than 2,000 have lost their lives since April, when the devastating second wave hit the state. Bihar has lost many of its luminaries from all walks of life during the period.


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