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Two years of Modi’s rule: Maharashtra Cong, NCP highlight flaws | India News


Two years of Modi's rule: Maharashtra Cong, NCP highlight flaws | India News

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

MUMBAI: Congress and NCP on Maharashtra on Sunday the Narendra crashed Modi government, as the latter is set to complete two years of his second term on May 26.
Maharashtra Congress Top Leader Anant Gadgil said that the “Gujarat governance model” in which Modi came to power in 2014 was exposed amid the coronavirus outbreak and that even the High Court detained the BJP government in the neighboring state for the ineffectiveness of measures to address the outbreak. .
In Uttar Pradesh, where the BJP is also in power with a majority in the Assembly, photographs of funerals on open ground and bodies dumped in rivers have made headlines in international media, while Goa has seen deaths. of Covid-19 due to oxygen supply shortage, he said.
In Karnataka, another BJP-ruled state, the situation is so bleak in the capital Bengaluru, Gadgil said, that seven of the 13 crematoria have had to be reserved for Covid-19 victims.
The CPN leader and Maharashtra minister, Nawab Malik, said there were no those who would accept Modi’s “Indian model”.
“The disposal of corpses in the river, people dying from lack of oxygen, the announcement of a vaccination campaign when there are no doses of vaccine … such a model will not be accepted by anyone. An Indian model is a must and a necessity, but the BJP is giving the opportunity to point fingers and criticize, “said Malik.
He said that one should strive to do a good job, that if successful, people would praise, but they would not accept failures and denial to accept failures.


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