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Do not protest Covid, it can be a super spreader: Amarinder for farmers | India News

CHANDIGARH: Punjab Prime Minister Amarinder Singh on Sunday urged the BKU (Ekta Ugrahan) not to hold its planned sit-in over his government’s “failure” to combat the coronavirus, saying his three-day protest may turn into a super spreading.
The group of farmers has decided to hold a protest starting on May 28 in Patiala, the local district of CM.
Rejecting the accusation that their government failed to tackle the pandemic, the CM said they fought hard to prevent Punjab from following the path of other states such as Delhi, Maharashtra and even Uttar Pradesh, where bodies floating in the Ganges exposed the mismanagement of the BJP. Government.
According to a statement, he urged farmers not to act “irresponsibly” and endanger their own lives, as their planned protest may nullify the achievements made by the state government in the fight against the pandemic, amid a total ban on all meetings.
Such a “dharna” will attract people mainly from the villages, who are in any case going through a crisis during the second wave of the pandemic, he said, adding that the team’s action is completely unjustified, considering the support his government has given to the farmers. on the subject of the agricultural laws of the Center, said the CM.
His government was the first to pass amendment laws in the state assembly to contravene farm laws, he said.
“It is time for farmers to reciprocate by supporting the state government in the fight against the pandemic,” he said.
He noted that even during the peak of the second Covid wave in Punjab, things had not gotten out of hand here as they had in several other states. The state had been one of the best when it came to handling the pandemic, he said.
Given the seriousness of the situation, there is no room for any laxity in appropriate Covid behavior and rallies or ‘dharnas’ of any kind are totally unacceptable when people’s lives are at stake, he said.

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