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Covid-induced clotting increases the risk of gangrene | India News


AHMEDABAD: Experts have pointed out that gangrene is another burden that Covid is accumulating on the burden of complications that accumulate in patients. They have reported that an increasing number of people are developing blood clots in the arteries of the hands and feet, leading to gangrene. In several cases, patients ended up losing their limbs because the clots were not addressed in time.
Recently, 26-year-old Hirji Luhar, a resident of Bhabhar in Banaskantha in northern Gujarat, had his left leg amputated after he developed gangrene. “The patient had a two-week history of Covid infection from which he recovered at home,” said Dr. Manish Raval, a vascular surgeon based in Ahmedabad. “Soon after, he developed severe pain in his left foot that turned into numbness as if his leg had been paralyzed.”
“The limb started to change color and when the family consulted us three days later, his leg had developed gangrene. We had to amputate the young man’s leg to save his life, ”said Dr. Raval.

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