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After 18 days of racing in 5 states, Sushil Kumar was held near the Delhi-Haryana border | India News


NEW DELHI: In an 18-day cat and mouse game, a two-time Olympic medalist and international wrestler Sushil Kumar he was finally arrested for the special cell of Delhi Police Sunday morning in the murder case of another world-class fighter, Sagar Dhankad (23), which took place at the Chhatrasal stadium in northwestern Delhi. One of Kumar’s associates, Ajay, has also been arrested. The case has been transferred to the Crimes Section and Kumar has been sent to six days in police custody by a court.
Kumar, a recipient of the Padma Shri, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Arjuna awards, had been traveling between Delhi, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to evade arrest. He was finally arrested in Mundka, near the Delhi-Haryana border. Using a dongle to surf the Internet on a mobile phone, which did not have a SIM card, helped police narrow down their search. Apart from this, human intelligence also played an important role in the arrest.

After 18 days of racing in 5 states, Sushil Kumar was held near the Delhi-Haryana border | India News

At least 14 teams from different Delhi police units, including the Northwest District and the Special Cell, had been pursuing Kumar since he went into hiding.
After Dhankad’s beating, Kumar went home and fell asleep. The following afternoon, when he discovered that he had been named in the FIR TREE for murder, he fled to Rishikesh. During the first three days, he used his mobile phone intermittently, but then he destroyed it. When the raids began to escalate, he left Rishikesh and arrived in Mathura in an Innova, where he was captured in Closed TV circuit in a toll booth.
In the following days, he continued to travel between Delhi and Bahadurgarh, but then fled to Chandigarh. From there, he went to Bathinda and Jalandhar, only to return to Chandigarh.
On Saturday, he arrived in Gurgaon to collect money from a liquor supplier. By dusk, at least three police units had approached him. At the time, his associates kept spreading fake news on social media about his arrest from different locations in Punjab and elsewhere. However, the police tracked him down in Gurgaon using assisted communication via the Internet. However, he managed to dodge them late at night.
The accused fighter then headed to Hari Nagar in West Delhi to meet a friend. He took a skateboard from there, but abandoned it in the early hours of Sunday. The team following Kumar from Gurgaon later found the abandoned scooter. It was revealed that he had gotten into a car and finally started walking to meet his contact near the Delhi-Haryana border.
“As he was on his way to Mundka, a special cell team led by Inspector Shiv Kumar cornered him and arrested him at 9.15 am,” DCP Pramod Kushwaha said.
During Kumar’s interrogation, the police found out the identity of the people protecting him. At least six prominent people, including two police officers from another state, are under the scanner, the sources said.
On the intervening night of May 4-5, Dhankad was beaten to death in the parking lot of the Chhatrasal Stadium, allegedly by Kumar and his associates. Kumar initially denied his involvement, but then went into hiding when police arrested his associate, Prince, and recovered a mobile video showing him and others assaulting Dhankad, the son of a Delhi police chief.
Kumar had allegedly asked Prince to make the video to “send a message” to his rivals. TOI was the first to report that Kumar was clearly seen participating in the assassination. Police had seized four vehicles outside the stadium and a double-barreled pistol was recovered from one of them.
Dhankad’s autopsy showed that he had been brutally beaten. He had multiple fractures and died of brain damage, which was the result of a forceful impact to his head. Multiple abrasions and bruises were found on the upper extremities, chest, and abdomen.

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