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Tweets Posted By Five More BJP Politicians Tagged As ‘Manipulated Media’ | India News

Tweets Posted By Five More BJP Politicians Tagged As 'Manipulated Media' | India News

NEW DELHI: Twitter extended its “manipulated media” tag to the tweets of five other BJP members on Friday, hours after it flagged BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patraabout a supposed Congressional toolbox in the same category.
Tweets Posted by Verified Accounts of Rajya Sabha MP Vinay Sahasrabuddhe Priti Gandhi, Head of BJP National Social Media, Andhra Pradesh co-head Sunil Deodhar, BJP Charu Pragya media panelist, BJP Delhi General Secretary Kuljeet Singh Chahal were all labeled as manipulated. On Thursday, Twitter had also singled out right-wing social media author and influencer Shefali Vaidya.
The issue around the counterfeit toolkit gained widespread traction on Twitter and spun with #ManipulatedMedia and #SambitPatra among the top 30 trends on the microblogging platform. Patra still hadn’t deleted the tweet until 8pm after it was labeled “manipulated.”
This is the second time that a tweet from Patra has been tagged as tampered with. On January 30, the BJP spokesperson shared an 18-second video of the Prime Minister of Delhi. Arvind kejriwal, where he can be heard “supporting” controversial farm laws. Two days later, Twitter had tagged the tweet as maliciously manipulated and edited. The clip was made by taking snippets from a 41-minute-long interview and juxtaposing them to send a different message than was originally intended. Patra had deleted the tweet several days later.
Congress and the BJP had exchanged verbal blows after senior members of the ruling party alleged that Congress was using a “toolkit” to amplify attacks on the government for Covid-19 mismanagement.
Patra had also alleged that Congress was “blocking” hospital beds to create an artificial shortage that could only be released when the high command of Congress approached the administration of hospitals. They had also promoted a #CongressToolkitExposed hashtag, which various BJP politicians, including union ministers Smriti Irani, Piyush Goyal and Anurag Thakur, BJP chief JP Nadda and national secretary BL Santhosh had also used.
Congressional Rajeev Gowda, whose department was accused of writing the alleged toolkit, also attacked Patra. “Twitter Labels Patra ‘Adulterated’ For Boosting Rogue Media! BJP Toolkit Exposure: Mantris and leaders used a FAKE “COVID19 mismanagement” document to divert attention from how Modi Sarkar failed in India during the pandemic. Enough of your falsehood. You liars have no credibility. QUIT! “Gowda tweeted.
Twitter says it labels posts, videos and images as manipulated when users “deceptively promote synthetic or manipulated media that may cause harm.” lying. The first time Twitter used this tag in India occurred in December 2020, when the microblogging company tagged BJP’s IT chief Amit Malviya’s tweet about farm laws as rigged.
“The sophistication of manipulation cannot be solved with a mere Twitter tag and Twitter cannot absolve itself of liability by tagging a tweet, but without taking action against such planned jobs that include union ministers amplifying the lie …” Shiv tweeted Sign. Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka Chaturvedi on Friday.


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