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Government limits workplace vaccination campaigns to staff only, not family members | India News


Government limits workplace vaccination campaigns to staff only, not family members | India News

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NEW DELHI: The government has ordered that the vaccination campaign carried out by private and state entities in the “workplace” be limited to employees and even members of their family are prohibited from using the facilities.
Several companies and industry bodies are raising the issue with the government for a possible review following a communication from the Ministry of Health and family welfare to state governments, along with detailed guidelines.
Although the letter refers to the facility being also limited to employees in the age group over 45, industry chambers and corporate entities said they were unaware of the existence of such standards.
Additionally, the letter also refers to an amendment to some of the guidelines with the above prescription that is not clearly available on the ministry’s website. As a result, several companies have requested clarification from the government.
“Even if it were applicable, people could have gotten an appointment in other centers, but now it is impossible in the segment of more than 18 years,” said a company executive.
Wednesday’s communication will not affect corporate ties with hospitals, but it will influence vaccination initiatives lined up in the offices, an industry source told TOI. The effect is expected to be greater in smaller towns and cities where companies were organizing these campaigns due to the absence of hospital chains.
“This is really confusing as the government has reached out to us to vaccinate our employees and even communities associated with companies,” said an official from a leading industry body. While the Ministry of Health did not give a reason, industry executives blamed the vaccine shortage for diktat. Businesses fear that many may choose not to participate in the campaign as their family members will not take a hit.


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