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Covid Patient Assistants Fight Over Oxygen Cylinders at Srinagar’s Main Hospital | India News


SRINAGAR: Despite assurances from the Shri Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital (SMHS) that the facility has a sufficient supply of oxygen in its six floors, the relatives of Covid patients are in panic.
Family members of Covid patients in SrinagarThe main hospital on Saturday even started a small fight for possession of oxygen cylinders, which came from various private units.
“All the attendees wanted to acquire as many cylinders as possible for their respective Covid patients admitted to the hospital and they almost came to blows over the matter,” said a witness.
Dr Kanwaljeet Singh, SMHS Hospital Medical Superintendent, said the facility has enough oxygen for all of their Covid patients and they only purchase a few cylinders from private units as backup.
“The hospital has six oxygen manufacturing plants that produce 1,800 cylinders a day, which meets our needs,” said Dr. Singh.
Some witnesses to the fight uploaded videos of the fight at the hospital to social media, giving the impression that there is a shortage of oxygen at SMHS, but there is, Dr. Singh said.

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