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Tool case: Congress writes to Twitter requesting suspension of accounts of JP Nadda, Smriti Irani | India News

Tool case: Congress writes to Twitter requesting suspension of accounts of JP Nadda, Smriti Irani | India News

NEW DELHI: Two days after filing a police report in the ‘Covid-19 toolkit’ case, Congress wrote to Twitter on Thursday asking it to permanently suspend the accounts of BJP leaders, including party chief JP Nadda and Union minister Smriti Irani for allegedly “spreading misinformation and discomfort in society.”
Congress had filed a police complaint on Wednesday requesting the registration of the cases against Nadda and Irani, in addition to the BJP secretary general, BL Santosh, and the spokesman. Sambit Patra for the alleged falsification of documents.
Congress wrote to Twitter on Thursday calling for the permanent suspension of the Twitter identifiers of the four BJP leaders and other party officials who had shared the “forged” document.
“We have formally written to Twitter to request the suspension of the Twitter accounts of BJP leaders who are allowing themselves to spread falsified documents that they attribute to Congress,” said the head of the congressional social media department. Rohan gupta.
“While a FIR TREE has already been presented, independent fact-checkers have also blown the lid off of BJP propaganda, “he also said on Twitter.
The complaint filed by Gupta and the head of the Congressional investigation department Rajeev gowda He said that Twitter’s policy and rules seek to discourage deceptive / synthetic / manipulated media that may cause harm, “We humbly ask that you immediately remove tweets or any other similar material on the Twitter platform.”
The leaders of Congress also asked Twitter to carry out a detailed investigation on the subject and “permanently suspend the Twitter accounts of individuals, since these people are habitual of manufacturing counterfeit content and abusing the Twitter platform to spread it.”
His complaint alleged that the “blatant misuse” of the Twitter platform by senior officials of the ruling party has led to the large-scale dissemination of “false information and has the potential to cause social unrest in the country”, amidst the current pandemic.
“The leaders of the BJP in a previously planned criminal conspiracy prepared a counterfeit and fabricated letterhead of the INC Investigation Department and then printed certain malicious, false and fabricated content on it, for the purpose of broadcasting it on video through their identifiers. Twitter officials, with the clear intention of causing social unrest, community disharmony in order to fuel hatred and escalate violence in various parts of India, “his party has alleged in the complaint.


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