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The opposition parties did their best to derail the vaccination program: Nadda | India News

The opposition parties did their best to derail the vaccination program: Nadda | India News

NEW DELHI: President of BJP JP Nadda Friday hit back at opposition parties for his criticism of the Modi of the government vaccination program against Covid-19, saying they left no stone unturned to derail the exercise with comments questioning the safety of two Indian coups.
He also claimed that everyone will be vaccinated on time and pointed to the falling Covid positivity rate and the increasing number of recoveries to say that India is on track to defeat the disease.
Speaking at the inauguration of the Covid help desks established across the country by the party’s Kisan Morcha, Nadda claimed that India has been able to keep the infection rate low compared to other countries due to the Modi government’s readiness and awareness. from the people.
Attacking opposition parties, he said they did everything they could for a year to “curb and stop” the vaccination program and “break the morale of India.”
Congress the leaders did everything they could to derail the vaccination campaign. And now they are singing a new tune: vaccination, vaccination, vaccination. Now move on to the vaccination issue after trying by all means to screw it up. Remember it, each person will get the prick on time under the leadership of the prime minister, “he said, addressing party members through a virtual program.
Referring to the government’s approval of two vaccines, he said that health ministers in opposition-run states claimed that this would endanger people’s lives and that they received the go-ahead without the third phase of the trial.
All run by BJP NDA State governments have made vaccination free for people to help the poor, he said, stating that this is a reflection of the party’s motto of “sabka saath, sabka vikas, sabka vishwas.”
Letter writers should ask their top ministers to do the same, he said in an apparent blow to Congress.
The Center has provided free vaccination doses of Rs 18.70 million, Nadda said, also praising the wellness exercise conducted by BJP members across the country to help people during the pandemic.
On the occasion, the BJP president also cited the government’s decision to increase the DAP fertilizer subsidy by 140 percent to ensure that farmers pay the old price despite an increase in its international market rate, calling it historical.


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