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Send me home or let me die in jail: Stan Swamy says no to the hospital | India News


Send me home or let me die in jail: Stan Swamy says no to the hospital | India News

Stan swamy

MUMBAI: P. Stan SwamyThe 84-year-old, imprisoned for the past eight months in the Elgar Parishad case, told Bombay High Court judges in a video conference that he did not want to be transferred to a hospital and that he would rather await death in prison if he was not. . released on bail.
A bench of Justices SJ Kathawalla and SP Tavade was listening to his request for medical bail and had sought his appearance via a video link from Taloja jail and a report from a JJ Hospital panel.
Father Swamy told the bank that when he was arrested and taken to prison eight months ago he was able to walk, bathe and eat alone, but due to the conditions in the prison, his health had gradually deteriorated. Now you need help with your daily routine. Swamy said he would rather be sent back to his hometown of Ranchi to be with friends, rather than be transferred to a hospital.
“They took me healthy to the Taloja jail eight months ago, but during that period all the functions of my body have deteriorated. I cannot eat alone, I cannot bathe or walk alone. Even though I’ve been getting medicine, it hasn’t helped … I can’t keep up with the demand to eat (they serve rotis in jail). Someone has to feed me with a spoon, ”Father Swamy said.
JJ’s report, based on Swamy’s exam earlier this week, says he doesn’t need hospitalization. The report said Swamy was normal and responsive, but had severe hearing loss, an unbalanced gait, lower extremity problems, and general weakness. He also said that he needed physical assistance in the form of a cane or a wheelchair. Considering his advanced age and condition, the judges were willing to send him to the hospital.
The bank told Swamy: “Your general health is deteriorating … do you want to be admitted to JJ hospital …?” He replied, “No, I don’t want to be. I’d rather die here. I would prefer this (jail) rather than being admitted to the hospital. ” Swamy said that he had been admitted to JJ twice and did not think it could help him.
Swamy said there were “great economic inequalities” when the court asked him if he had any complaints regarding the prison. He wanted to be sent home, he said. The judges said the court was hearing arguments on the point of hospital admission only and not on provisional bond.
His lawyer Mihir Desai then asked the court if he could speak to Swamy and persuade him to transfer him to another hospital, such as sacred Family in Bandra.
With Desai seeking time to argue his request for bail on health grounds, the matter was postponed until June 7. The HC also allowed Desai to approach the court before that date if the priest agrees to be transferred to the Sagrada Familia hospital.
Last October, the special National Investigation Agency (NIA) in Mumbai rejected Swamy’s bail request on health grounds. He appealed against the rejection to the HC in April.


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