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SC agrees to hear a request for direction from the Center, WB to prevent the exodus of people due to violence | India News

SC agrees to hear a request for direction from the Center, WB to prevent the exodus of people due to violence | India News

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday he agreed to hear a request for directions next week for the Center and the government of West Bengal to prevent alleged Exodus people due to “state sponsored” violence and the constitution of an SIT to investigate fairly and take appropriate measures against the culprits.
Lead defender Pinky Anand told a holiday bench of judges Vineet Saran and BR Gavai that more than a lakh people have been displaced due to election-related violence in West Bengal.
She told the bank that this matter required an urgent list as people are forced to leave their homes and remain in shelters and camps.
“Ok, we’ll hear about it next week,” the bank said.
The PIL presented by social worker Arun Mukherjee and other social workers, victim of violence and lawyers said they are aggrieved by post-election violence in West Bengal from May 2 onwards.
The statement alleged that the police and state sponsored thugs are in cahoots so the police prove to be a mere bystander throughout the episode, discouraging and threatening victims from filing FIR, failure to investigate cases, inaction in incidents where they are recognizable. Crimes have been committed in the presence of police authorities, without providing security to those facing death threats.
He said that various media platforms, including social media, print and electronic media, have covered the entire incident trail and various government organizations and autonomous institutions such as National Human Rights CommissionThe National Commission for Women, either on its own or upon receiving complaints from defenseless victims, took cognizance of the matter and sent teams to investigate the matter.
“No support / assistance was offered by the State Government and their safety was even compromised in many cases. They have denounced the inaction of the police in providing protection to women, who were attacked and threatened by hooligans and the police officers did not take any action in this regard, ”it is alleged.
The statement further said that due to the circumstances, people are internally displaced and forced to stay in shelters / camps inside and outside West Bengal.
“The exodus of people in West Bengal due to state-sponsored violence has raised serious humanitarian problems related to their survival, where they are forced to live in deplorable conditions, in violation of their fundamental rights enshrined in article 21 of the Constitution. from India ”, He presented.
The allegation also sought the formation of a Commission for the rehabilitation of displaced persons, compensation for the loss of family members, property and livelihoods, mental and emotional agony.
The petitioners requested instructions from the Center to fulfill its duty conferred by Article 355 of the Constitution to protect the state from internal disturbances and to guarantee that the government in the state is carried out, in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.
He requested instructions from the Chief Secretary of the Center and West Bengal to provide immediate assistance to internally displaced persons affected by the post-election violence by setting up camps, providing food, medicine and resources for the pandemic, and facilitating the access to adequate medical facilities in light of the Covid pandemic.
He said the Center should also set up a Commission of Inquiry to assess the magnitude and causes of the exodus, as well as direct West Bengal to provide long-term relief to internally displaced people affected by post-election violence, anticipating their rehabilitation. . , compensation for the loss of family members, property, livelihoods, mental and emotional agony.
It also sought directions to Central and West Bengal to establish an alternative helpline number, overseen by the central forces to respond to emergency calls and also record complaints and FIRs of internally displaced persons within and outside the state of West Bengal. .
The petitioners said that instructions will also be issued to the Center for the deployment of the central protection forces, including the armed forces, for the restoration of public order in West Bengal and the establishment of a fast-track court to resolve prosecution-related matters. of any individual or organization. involved in the commission of heinous crimes.


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