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Over 4,000 daily Covid deaths despite drop in cases hint at lack of medical facilities: P Chidambaram | India News


NEW DELHI: The number of daily deaths from Covid-19 remains above 4,000 despite declining positivity of cases indicating a lack of medical care, Congressional Leader P Chidambaram said on Friday, inviting a prompt response from Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, who accused him of raising “unnecessary doubts” due to political compulsions.
Vardhan also said that each death was unfortunate and that the government was doing everything possible to combat the pandemic. He said that as the number of cases was declining, recoveries began to increase and mortality would soon decline as well.
“The number analyzed is also around 20 lakh per day. If the positivity rate is going down, why is the number of deaths above 4000 per day? Is it due to the lack of proper medical care due to the shortages of oxygen, drugs, ventilators, hospital beds, etc., “Chidambaram wrote on Twitter.
“Medical experts who are giving numerous interviews must answer the following questions: When the number of daily fresh infections has dropped from 4 lakh + to 2.5 lakh +, why is the number of deaths still above 4000 per day? “, The leader of the Congress also asked. .
Vardhan responded on Twitter saying, “What a sham! Political compulsions force Sh P Chidambaram Ji to ask such questions.”
“By order of the toolkit party, I’m sure … He is certainly generally aware that the time between COVID19 contracting and recovery / mortality is mostly a few weeks,” he said.
“Why raise unnecessary doubts? As cases have been declining, recoveries have begun to reflect an upward trajectory and mortalities will also show a decline, “he said.
“Each death is most regrettable, the Government of Israel is moving heaven and earth to fight this pandemic,” said Vardhan.

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