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Increase Preparedness for Disaster Management: Center Tells States | India News


Increase Preparedness for Disaster Management: Center Tells States | India News

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NEW DELHI: On Friday, the Home Office asked all states and Union territories to increase its preparedness to deal with natural disasters such as rains and floods that may arise due to the southwest monsoon, particularly as the country is still battling the Covid-19 pandemic.
During the annual conference of relief commissioners and secretaries of state / UT disaster management departments, chaired by Secretary of the Interior AK Bhalla, the latter emphasized the need to develop response capacity and reflexes to ensure a 24×7 preparation throughout the year against natural disasters. He advised relief and disaster management authorities to make additional efforts to protect all health facilities, oxygen generating plants from heavy rains / floods during the southwest monsoon or any other impending disaster.
The Secretary of the Interior asked central and state agencies to be better prepared in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, to minimize losses due to natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes, etc.
The conference on Friday was attended by representatives of the states and UT, central ministries, Central Armed Forces of Police, Department of Meteorology of India (IM D), Central Water Commission (CWC), Establishment of snow and avalanche studies (SASE), NRSC, ISRO, GSI, Armed Forces and NDRF. Issues related to disaster preparedness, early warning systems, flood and river / reservoir management, on-site disaster management, and off-site plans of the Union states and territories were discussed.
The Secretary of the Interior published Version 4.0 of the National Database for Emergency Management (NDEM), developed by the National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC), which according to the Center would be useful for the integration of alerts and warnings in real time of forecasting agencies and their dissemination. to disaster management authorities down to the district level for disaster risk reduction in the country.
IMD made a presentation on the forecasting, alert and dissemination mechanism, response and preparedness measures, and its future plans to improve capacity in the field of disaster management.


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