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HCs should not approve orders that are impossible to implement, says SC | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday suspended the Allahabad high court order ordering the Uttar Pradesh government to provide two ambulances with ICU facilities to every village in the state.
While the ruling stood, the supreme court said that higher courts should reflect on the feasibility of their orders and not approve orders that are impossible to implement.
The observation came after the UP government told SC that the high court order is impossible to implement in a month, as there are up to 97,000 villages in the state.
The high court said the high court should also refrain from dealing with issues that have transnational ramifications.
“The higher courts dealing with Covid management cases should refrain and refrain from dealing with matters that have transnational and international ramifications, even more so when the Supreme Court deals with pan-India matters,” the court said.

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