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Covid-19: Take Action to Protect Vulnerable Sectors of Society, MHA Tells States, UT | India News


NEW DELHI: The Home Office has advised all states and territories of the Union to immediately review their existing facilities for the protection of vulnerable groups affected by the second wave of Covid, such as children who were orphaned after losing to their parents because of the virus, women at risk who may be susceptible to trafficking, and older people who require timely assistance and support.
In the most recent advisory, the MHA said that while many states / UTs had initiated appropriate action and strengthened their systems to protect vulnerable groups in accordance with the warnings issued by the MHA since the outbreak of the pandemic, a new one was required. review of such facilities to meet the requirements. new challenges arising from the recent rise in Covid. The review, he said, should focus on children who have been orphaned, seniors who may require timely medical assistance and safety, and scheduled castes / scheduled tribes who need guidance in accessing government support facilities.
“The review may include measures taken to sensitize police personnel, coordination with involved agencies / departments, as well as communities and civil society organizations,” said the notice sent by the MHA women’s safety division to the secretaries at chief or administrators of all the states and territories of the Union.
The MHA cited five notices it sent over the past year to the states / UT and another issued by the social justice ministry, to emphasize that the central government had long ago become aware of the possible impact of Covid-19 on vulnerable groups. Giving their protection a high priority, it had been requesting states and UTs to establish adequate mechanisms to ensure that vulnerable groups receive targeted support and assistance in a timely manner.
Previous notices include one dated July 29, 2020, in which the MHA shared guidelines and standard operating procedures to prevent and combat crime against weaker sections; a consultancy from the social justice ministry for the protection of transsexuals from Covid-19; Notices dated July 6, 2020 and December 1, 2020 on preventing and combating human trafficking at the state level, as women and children affected by the pandemic could be caught by traffickers with false promises of employment and income .
The latest MHA notice notes that the Center had given Rs 107 crore to states / UT to establish and strengthen help desks for women in police stations.
The ministry recalled that it had distributed guidelines and standard operating procedures to support older people during Covid-19. The social justice ministry also issued a notice for transgender people on how to protect themselves during Covid-19. To address trafficking-related issues, the Center provided Rs 100 million as grants to states / UTs to establish or strengthen Anti-Trafficking Units (AHTU) in each district.

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