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South Carolina Judge Gavai Refuses to Hear Param Bir’s Statement | India News


South Carolina Judge Gavai Refuses to Hear Param Bir's Statement | India News

NEW DELHI: Supreme Court Judge BR Gavai on Tuesday recused himself from hearing a statement made by the former Mumbai Police Notary Param One Singh seeking the transfer of all investigations against him to an independent agency such as CBI.
At first, when Singh’s petition was presented to a court by Justices Vineet Saran and BR Gavai, the court said that it could not hear the case and that it should be published in another court. “List the matter before a bank of which one of us (BR Gavai, J.) is not a member,” the bank said.
Singh, a batch from 1988 IPS officer, he was removed from the post of Mumbai Police Commissioner on March 17 and appointed Commanding General of the Maharashtra State National Guard. He also brought accusations of corruption and misconduct against the then Interior Minister. Anil Deshmukh and subsequently the CBI probe was ordered.
The Bombay High Court had ordered the investigation of his accusations against Deshmukh and the court had approved the order on his statement. The senior police officer, in his new submission to the superior court, alleged that he was being the target of the state government. tnn


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