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I never exported vaccines at the expense of the people of India: IBS | India News


I never exported vaccines at the expense of the people of India: IBS | India News

MUMBAI: Defending your decision to export vaccines, Serum Institute of India (IBS) said Tuesday that it was based on several factors, including the build-up of a large number of stocks in January, while cases were at their lowest point in India, and in the spirit of mutual cooperation.
“We would like to reiterate that we have never exported vaccines at the expense of the people in India and we remain committed to doing everything possible in support of the vaccination campaign in the country,” the company said in a statement.
Faced with vaccine shortages, the company and the government have faced criticism for large amounts of exports at a time when India needed doses to vaccinate its population against the deadly virus that was first detected in China.
The company plans to resume deliveries to Covax and meet its commitments to other countries by the end of this year. “Cooperation between countries also forms the basis for us to have access to technology and health aid,” the SII statement said.
Support and cooperation between countries has also shaped India’s response to the pandemic since its inception in 2020. “Today, it is this reciprocity, where India has helped other countries with HCQ supply and vaccine exports, which in turn has led to support from other countries. ”
It was important at the time (January), as several countries were facing an acute crisis and desperately in need of help. “Our government extended its support whenever possible during this period. It is this spirit that had initially led to cooperation between countries when the virus first appeared in early 2020 ”.
The company said it has delivered 200 million doses so far, which places it among the top three manufacturers globally. This is despite the fact that it received emergency clearance approval two months after the US drug companies. “We continue to expand manufacturing and prioritize India,” he said.


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