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BJP Targets Congress for Attempting to “Destroy the Image” of Prime Minister India | India News


BJP Targets Congress for Attempting to "Destroy the Image" of Prime Minister India | India News

TO Congress The “toolkit” calling for an internet campaign to attack the Center referring to the Covid variant detected in India as the “Modi variant” and the alleged use of right-wing handles to criticize the Prime Minister is part of an attempt to provoke discontent even at the cost of tarnishing India’s image, BJP he said Tuesday.
The BJP circulated a four-page brief allegedly explaining a strategy to attack the government and the prime minister in particular and which was attributed to the ‘Congressional Research Department’ with the headline reading: “Narendra Corner Modi and BJP in the management of Corona ”.
“It is important to keep using this term ‘super Kumbh spreader’ to remind people that it is the BJP’s Hindu politics that is causing so much distress, the document states.
BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said: “It’s disgusting to say the least Rahul gandhi wants to seize this opportunity of the pandemic to destroy the image of Prime Minister Modi. Congressional workers were instructed to call the mutant strain the Modi strain. ”
Patra said that World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that the new strain of the coronavirus would not be named after India, but Congress wants to take a better step. “The opposition party is willing to tarnish the image of the country by its policy,” he alleged.
“The toolkit has exposed another conspiracy by Congress to divide society … It is clear that even in this time of global calamity, Congress is not prepared to abandon its propaganda and obnoxious dirty politics mentality. Less interested in public welfare, the only agenda of Congress is to bake the loaves of its selfish politics, ”said BJP chief spokesman Anil Baluni.
Several BJP leaders shared the letter on social media, claiming that Congress’s move to help Covid patients was more of a public relations exercise than a sincere effort.
“I can understand that the opposition wants to attack the government. But singularly market it as a political opportunity and deal with death; I never imagined that Congress was capable of so low, “said the union minister. Smriti Irani saying.
Sharing a recent tweet from Rahul Gandhi saying: “Indian coronavirus variant reaches Switzerland”, BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya said: “Congressional leader Rahul Gandhi used the” Variant india “true to the congressional toolkit.” He also referred to the leader of Congress Shashi tharoor using the term “Indian variant” and said, “If the toolkit is fake, how is it possible that there is so much emphasis on the” Indian variant “of the virus in the toolkit lines?”
BJP mahila morcha IT cell head Priti Gandhi shared excerpts from the letter and wrote on Twitter: “Help foreign journalists with sightings of funerals and bodies. Make it easy for journalists to use “dramatic” images, make sure your reports are expanded. – Use the words “Indian strain” and “Modi strain”. Block hospital beds. This is pure evil !! ”


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