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BJP criticizes Congress for using ‘tooltkit’ to tarnish PM’s image; opposition calls it fake, FIR files | India News


BJP criticizes Congress for using 'tooltkit' to tarnish PM's image; opposition calls it fake, FIR files | India News

NEW DELHI: A war of words broke out between the BJP and Congress on Tuesday after the former accused the opposition of using a so-called “toolkit” to tarnish the prime minister. Narendra modiof the image when calling the new Covid-19 strain the “India strain” or the “Modi strain”.
However, Congress struck back at the BJP and accused it of spreading a bogus “toolkit.”
What the BJP said:
– “Divide society and spit poison against others … Congress is a master at this. India is watching the antics of Congress, while the nation is fighting Covid-19. I urge Congress to go beyond the ‘Toolkits’ and do something constructive, “said BJP boss JP Nadda.
-BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said that according to the document, it is clear that Congress providing aid to those in need during the pandemic is “more of a public relations exercise with the help of friendly journalists and influencers than a moving effort” .
– “It is disgusting, to say the least, that Rahul Gandhi wants to take this opportunity of the pandemic to destroy the image of Prime Minister Modi. The workers of Congress were instructed to call the mutant strain Modi strain,” Sambit Patra said in Twitter
– “My country, our country is at war with a virus. I can understand that the opposition wants to attack the government. But to uniquely market it as a political opportunity and deal with death, I never imagined that Congress would be capable of so little, “said Union Minister Smriti Irani.
-The Minister of the Union, Piyush Goyal, also attacked Congress, accusing it of dividing the country and trying to fracture the social fabric. “Dividing India and trying to fracture the Indian social fabric with communal hatred is second nature to Congress. It is shameful to see the Congress Party and its leaders engaging in political deception to deceive citizens and create obstacles for the nation, “Goyal said in a tweet.
What Congress Said:
– Congress has filed a complaint with the Delhi Police Commissioner against BJP chief JP Nadda, Union Minister Smriti Irani and several other BJP leaders for circulating the “fake toolkit”.
– “BJP is spreading a fake ‘toolkit’ on ‘Covid-19 mismanagement’ and attributes it to the AICC Investigation Department. We are filing a forgery FIR against JP Nadda and Sambit Patra,” said the head of the Congressional research cell, Rajeev Gowda, on Twitter. .
– “Shortly after the BJP forged the ‘fake toolkit’, all of their ‘fake devotees’ and ‘friends in the media’ came out to set the agenda. We are going to bring a case against BJP President JP Nadda, and their spokesmen, but the truth about their misdeeds will not be hidden, “said Congressional Chief Spokesman Randeep Surjewal.
-Congressional spokesperson Supriya Shrinate, in a virtual press conference, stated that there is no such document as shown by the BJP spokesperson and that the party was initiating legal action. “We never expected the BJP national spokesperson to resort to such blatant lies,” he said.


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