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Amid Sidhu Attacks on Captain, PCC Chief Says Party High Command Must Intervene | India News


Amid Sidhu Attacks on Captain, PCC Chief Says Party High Command Must Intervene | India News

Punjab Congress is convulsed by the accusations made by Navjot Sidhu

NEW DELHI: Amid growing public dispute in Punjab Congress, with Navjot Sidhu and others accusing Prime Minister Amarinder Singh of protecting Akali Dal’s first family, the chairman of the state unit, Sunil Jakhar, has urged the high command to intervene and solve the problems in the state that go to the polls earlier in the year. next year.
Jakhar said YOU He was confident that Punjab will be the crucible for Congress’s return to politics, but “the party leadership will have to focus on events in the state and take over.” He stressed that resolving the turmoil surrounding the allegations made by Navjyot Sidhu and others that the administration went soft on the Akalis requires leadership intervention, as the former high-profile cricketer turned politician has been the “baby of the high command”.
Jakhar said that the affairs of Punjab, as well as some other states linked to the polls, should be the mandate of the newly formed AICC committee to investigate the reasons for the party’s defeat in the recent assembly elections. He added that the CM, given its stature, was also part of the high command now.
“We must learn from history, but we also have to look to the future and the new beginning. In addition to the reasons for the debacle, it is high time the party looked for ways to reappear. The committee (Ashok Chavan) should analyze how Congress can win in future elections, ”he said, suggesting a new agenda for the panel.
The Punjab Congress is convulsed by accusations made by Sidhu and others that the administration is protecting the Badal family that heads the Akali Dal, the provocation being the case of sacrilege related to the desecration of the holy book in which the previous government Akali’s got a clean note recently. On Monday, MLA Pargat Singh, who spoke about the controversy alongside Sidhu, alleged that he was threatened by a confidant of the prime minister, further muddying the waters.
In addition, Jakhar said that Sidhu, who is leading the charge against the CM, will have to be approached by the high command of the AICC. “Sidhu is the baby of the high command since joining the party. It has been treated with kid gloves. So, it is time for the high command to focus on this delicate situation … Nothing is irreconcilable and all issues can be addressed but for that the intervention of the high command is required ”, he argued.
Punjab will go to the polls in February 2022 along with UP, Goa and Uttarakhand. While Akali Dal is highly marginalized, the AAP seeks to revive. There is concern in Congress that dissent and sensitive issues such as the profanation and softness of the Amarinder administration towards the Badal family could help mobilize the AAP.


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