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RSS Affiliate SJM Launches Digital Signature Campaign to Promote Universal Access to Covid Vaccines | India News


NEW DELHI: Against the backdrop of the country’s Covid-19 vaccine shortage, RSS-affiliated Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) launched a digital signature campaign for universal access to vaccines and drugs on Monday, demanding to declare all the medical products needed to respond. to the pandemic as a global public good and put an end to speculation.
“As we may need almost 2 billion doses of vaccines in the next six months, we need to involve many more companies in the manufacture of these vaccines,” said Ashwani Mahajan, SJM national co-coordinator, while making a called on everyone to support the lawsuit by signing the digital petition.
“It is encouraging to note that many companies have already been licensed for Covaxin and also for remdesivir. We may have to multiply these efforts, “he said.
The SJM noted that many Indian manufacturers have the capacity and experience in the production of essential drugs and vaccines, provided that obstacles to intellectual property rights with technology transfer are removed and trade secrets issues are resolved.
“Patent protection is the main barrier to the generic production of these drugs. Many Indian companies are already manufacturing remdesivir under voluntary license. However, the quantity is not enough to cover the demand, and the price is also very high from the point of view of affordability ”, said the SJM in a statement, launching the digital signature campaign.
He called on academics, including vice chancellors, professors, scientists, opinion formers, political figures, serving and retired bureaucrats, and the general public to sign the petition to make their demand for universal access to vaccines a heard by those who can make a decision. call about the issue.
The SJM has already urged the government to take necessary measures, including using its “sovereign rights” to grant compulsory licenses to other pharmaceutical manufacturers to produce vaccines and drugs.

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