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He also paid Suvendu, why is he out of the loop ?, asks Mathew Samuel | India News


He also paid Suvendu, why is he out of the loop ?, asks Mathew Samuel | India News

CALCUTTA: While Narada News Chief Mathew Samuel, who “raised a fight against corruption”, is happy with the proactive CBI, also raised questions about not arresting BJP‘s Suvendu Adhikari. “It was a long battle since the tapes were released in 2016. The CBI They arrested four people on Monday. It was a long-awaited justice for me, ”he said.
Claiming that the footage of Adhikari receiving the money was captured by him during the sting operation and the clips were turned over to the CBI, Samuel said the law should be the same for everyone. “He had paid the money to Suvendu Adhikari. I was in his office. His name is not on the list. He had gone through forensic tests and had given statements about it. He (Adhikari) received the money from me. Why do they keep it out of the way? The investigation must be fair, ”Samuel said.
Suvendu could not be reached for comment. BJP status President Dilip Ghosh said: “The law will take its own course.” “I went to the CBI and ED office in Kolkata more than 40 times. I told them that we had to wait as these cases take a long time. It was my fight against corruption. The charge sheet has been ready for some time. Finally, they arrested four people ”.
After the tape was released, Samuel was first summoned by the Lok Sabha ethics committee headed by a BJP veteran. LK Advani. He gave images and documents to the committee members. “Nothing happened after that,” he said. In 2019, the CBI requested a sanction to prosecute four TMC MPs.


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