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Covid-19 Second Wave Will Continue Through October, Says Bureaucrat Astrologer NK Sharma | India News


NEW DELHI: The second wave of Corona virus disease is likely to continue, albeit weaker, to fluctuate in late September and come to an end in October 2021. Railways senior bureaucrat and astrologer NK Sharma He also predicted that infection will be significantly reduced after July 20, 2021.
Sharma, Special Service Officer, Northern Railway, on March 15, 2020 predicted that the period between April 6 and May 3, 2020 is the period to watch. Hospitalization may increase due to antardasha and pratyantardasha and bad transit of enemy planets (Jupiter and Mars), but deaths may be low due to Mahadasha and favorable transit of lord lagna Venus, was his prognosis.
Forecasting on the current wave, Sharma said: “I have studied the Indian horoscope again and my observations / predictions regarding the second wave of the ‘Corona Virus Disease’ are that on September 20, 2021, Rahu will move to the Sun nakshatra, a fiery planet and this will help mitigate this disease.
Synthesizing the various factors based on the above analysis, the second wave of corona virus disease in India will start to decline from June 2, 2021, when Mars enters Cancer, its sign of weakening. Mars will weaken in this sign and consequently its negative effects will also begin to diminish. However, since the pratyantar dasha of the enemy planet Jupiter is until July 10, 2021 and the first shadashtak position of Mars and Saturn will remain until July 20, the second wave of coronavirus disease will be significantly reduced after 20 July. July 2021.
In explaining the horoscope of the country, Sharma said that the lagna of India is Taurus (Vrishabh). India is currently performing the maha-dasha of the lord of the third house “Moon”. The antar-dasha is from Saturn, who is the lord of the ninth and tenth houses and is located in the third house. Saturn represents masses in worldly astrology. The pratyantar-dasha (delivery boy) is from Jupiter, who is the lord of the 8th and 11th houses of the trik house and is located in the 6th house, the house of sickness. Jupiter’s dasha prayatantar started on April 24, 2021 and will last until July 10, 2021. Jupiter is the enemy of lord lagna Venus and is the lord of the eighth house representing death, unexpected incidents and illness and also the lord of the eleventh house. the house of friendships and earnings and is located in house 6, the house of diseases. In worldly astrology, the 11th house represents legislation, friendly countries and allies.
Reasoning why the second wave has spread further and been more deadly, Sharma said: “According to ‘Vikrami Samvat’, the new year 2078 started on April 13, 2021. This year’s Raja and Mantri is Mars. It is said that in a year if the same planet is Raja and Mantri. Being Raja and Mantri, Mars is very powerful this year and is giving rise to this second wave of coronavirus disease. In addition, being a cruel planet and enemy of Mr. Lagna in the horoscope of India, this second wave is more deadly and more widespread. Also, this year there may be earthquakes, landslides, cloudbursts, forest fires, terrorist activities, etc. “” This second wave of coronavirus disease is likely to continue, albeit in weaker form, fluctuate in late September and come to an end in October 2021, when the pratyantar dasha de lagna lord Venus also begins. ” Sharma said.

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