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26 cases of blood clotting, bleeding due to AstraZeneca vaccine in India: Government | India News


26 cases of blood clotting, bleeding due to AstraZeneca vaccine in India: Government | India News

NEW DELHI: The government said Monday that it identified 26 potential cases of bleeding and blood clotting in India due to the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine in India.
Serum Institute of India is producing Covishield vaccine in India in association with AstraZenece.
According to a report presented by the AEFI National Committee (Adverse Event Post-Immunization) to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, “more than 23,000 adverse events were reported” through the CO-WIN platform reported from 684 of the 753 districts of the country. .
“Of these, only 700 cases (@ 9.3 cases / million doses administered) were reported to be serious and severe in nature,” the report said.
“26 cases have been reported thromboembolic potential (formation of a clot in a blood vessel that could also break off and be transported through the bloodstream to plug another vessel) events, after administration of the Covishield vaccine, with a reporting rate of 0.61 cases / million doses “said the committee.
The committee also said that no potential thromboembolic events were reported after administration of Covaxin vaccine.
The Ministry of Health issued separate notices for healthcare workers and vaccine recipients to encourage people to be aware of suspected thromboembolic symptoms.
These include shortness of breath; chest pain; pain in the extremities / pain when pressing the extremities or swelling in the extremities (arm or calf);
multiple red pinhead-sized spots or bruises on the skin in an area beyond the injection site; persistent abdominal pain with or without vomiting; seizures in the absence of a history of seizures with or without vomiting;
severe and persistent headache with or without vomiting (in the absence of a history of migraine or chronic headache); weakness / paralysis of the limbs or of any particular side or part of the body (including the face);
persistent vomiting for no obvious reason; blurred vision or eye pain or double vision and changes in mental status or confusion or depressed level of consciousness.


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