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135 recent undisclosed deaths in Uttarakhand hospitals | India News


135 recent undisclosed deaths in Uttarakhand hospitals | India News

DEHRADUN: Hot on the heels of the Covid spotlight (CCC) at Baba Burfani Hospital in Haridwar do not disclose 65 deceased, unrecorded deaths in Uttarakhand hospitals are now coming out, from other cities like Roorkee, Dehradun, Rudrapur.
While a CCC in Raipur On the outskirts of Dehradun it was found that the details of 27 Covid patients who died between April 26 and May 16 had been reserved. 28 previously unrecorded deaths were reported at Roorkee Military Hospital, Ishita Mishra reports. The deaths occurred in the last year since the pandemic occurred.
At the JLN District Hospital in Rudrapur, too, data for 65 deaths was added on Monday alone. The patients had died there between April 28 and May 7. Similarly, the BHEL hospital in Haridwar has now disclosed 15 Covid deaths that took place between April 29 and May 12.
As for why the deaths were not reported earlier, Dr. HD Shakya, Roorkee’s additional medical director, told TOI: “When we asked the MH authorities, they told us that they were manually reporting the deaths to the health department, but not uploading details to the designated Covid portal as a result of which the deaths were not reflected in the total number of Covid deaths. ”
Dr Anand shukla, Raipur CCC medical superintendent, told TOI that the delay in reporting death records occurred because the data entry operator at the CCC did not know how to do the task and the officer in question went on leave.
“We were continually sharing death and treatment data with the district administration manually. It’s just that we couldn’t upload the same data to the designated portal,” he added.
A senior official at the CCC facility, which also has oxygen beds, told TOI that the center was “flooded with patients” between April 25 and May 15 despite having no critical care facility and he was forced to admit many critical cases as well, which led to the deaths.
“From administrative officials to ministers, we faced pressure from all quarters to admit critical patients even though the center does not have ICU beds,” he added.
Several hospitals across the state have begun reporting Covid deaths in droves after the health department issued a notice to the CCC at Baba Burfani Hospital in Haridwar on Saturday for failing to report 65 deaths.


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