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Station managers set a June 30 deadline to vaccinate frontline railway workers, otherwise they would refrain from working | India News


NEW DELHI: The All India Station Masters Association has given the government the June 30 ultimatum to vaccinate them and other frontline railway employees involved in running trains. In a letter to the Union’s health secretary, it has been said that if the government does not do so, unvaccinated personnel would have no choice but to abstain from performing their duties.
“In case the Indian railways move the basic products, your letter will have strong evidence that the unvaccinated employees refrained from the duty to save their precious lives,” the association has written to the Union’s health secretary, Rajesh Bhushan.
The association wrote the letter after the health secretary sent a communication to the states on Saturday noting that state government departments were approving employees of the department of “banking, railroads and transportation” as frontline workers (PDA) and that did not meet the core guidelines. He has urged the health secretary to amend the letter to the states and include station masters and frontline rail employees involved in the operation of trains on the PDA list.
The health secretary had informed state governments that they can provide for other categories such as PDA “from the vaccine directly acquired by state governments,” which means that states cannot administer the vaccines assigned by the Center to any additional category.
The association has said that the stationmaster and frontline railway employees working on the Indian railways are involved in the operation of the train and should be immediately put on the PDA list to facilitate vaccination.
The association has said that more than 2,000 frontline railway employees and more than 140 station masters have died due to Covid in the second wave, due to their active participation in train work. He had written to the Union health minister requesting war footing arrangements to vaccinate them and other front-line workers.

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