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Prime Minister Will Ask Tough Questions, Arrest Us: Congressional Leaders Dare | India News


Prime Minister Will Ask Tough Questions, Arrest Us: Congressional Leaders Dare | India News

NEW DELHI: Congress Leaders on Sunday criticized police action against some people for allegedly putting up posters criticizing the prime minister and challenged the government to arrest them for raising questions about the export of Covid vaccines.
Directed by Rahul gandhiCongressional leaders changed their profile photos on Twitter with the poster asking why the Covid vaccines were sent abroad.
The opposition party said the prime minister will ask tough questions if people do not receive vaccines, medicines and oxygen.
“Arrest me too,” Gandhi said in a tweet while sharing an image of the poster “Modi ji, why did you send our children’s vaccines abroad?”
The challenge was raised after some people were arrested for Delhi Police for putting up posters in the national capital on the subject of vaccines.
The Delhi Police also searched several FIRs and arrested people for posting posters criticizing the prime minister.
Congressional leader Jairam Ramesh challenged the prime minister and the interior minister to arrest him, saying he was putting up those posters on the wall of his compound.
“Is putting up posters critical of the prime minister now a crime? Is India now governed by the Modi Penal Code? Is the Delhi police so unemployed amid a raging pandemic,” he asked.
“I’m going to put posters on the wall in my compound tomorrow. Come find me,” Ramesh dared.
Congressional spokesman Pawan Khera said at a press conference that the prime minister will ask questions if people are not getting the vaccines, drugs and oxygen they desperately need to fight Covid.
“I dare you to stop me. Where is my vaccine, where is my oxygen? We will keep asking you questions,” he said while alleging that “people are being arrested for asking questions.”
Khera said that most of the deaths could have been prevented and that people are dying not from Covid, but from mismanagement in handling the pandemic.
He claimed that the government had created man-made shortages and that chaos reigned.
“The government of India did not handle the crisis well,” he said.
The congressional leader claimed that when negotiating with vaccine manufacturers or implementing vaccine policy, everything was “centralized and individualized.”
“Prime Minister Modi wanted to be known as a vaccine guru, but now the whole world and all Indians are asking tough questions,” he said.
“You cannot have centralized decision making and decentralized responsibility,” he said.
“What we witness is the handling of the image, which is the most regrettable aspect of this government. It is fatal for the country ”, he considered.
About him Center Issuing guidelines in rural areas, Khera said they have come long after the virus has already spread to villages.
“We also got to know the lack of preparation of the government, since all the preparation was entrusted to the Center under NDMA,” he said.
He said that India has successfully implemented immunization campaigns in the past and diseases such as polio have been eradicated.
“India has achieved immunization in the past, provided there is political will. Political will does not exist under Prime Minister Modi,” he claimed.


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