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New 12-16 week Covishield calendar on CoWin | India News


New 12-16 week Covishield calendar on CoWin | India News

NEW DELHI: The government has reconfigured the CoWin platform to reflect the new 12-16 week dosing schedule for Covishield compared to the previous scheme in which vaccination reservations could be made six weeks after the first injection.
CoWin authorities said that if a online dating has already been done for a second dose of Covishield as per the schedule above, it would remain valid and you can get an injection as planned. However, vaccination centers they are turning away even those with valid appointments and this part of the directive may need to be clarified to state health departments.
“Online appointments that have already been booked for the second dose of Covishield will remain valid and will not be canceled by CoWin. We have also asked the states and UT to honor the appointments reserved before the change in the dosage interval, mainly to avoid any inconvenience, “said a senior official.
From now on, more appointments can be booked online or on the spot for the second dose only with an interval of at least 84 days from the first dose. “We also urge those who have already booked an appointment for the second dose, and their scheduled period is less than 84 days, to reschedule their space,” added the official.
For example, if you received your first dose of Covishield on April 4, CoWin will show an expiration date of June 27 and the last date of July 25 for your second dose. Similarly, those who received the first dose of Covishield on April 8 will now need to receive their second dose between July 1 and July 29.
On May 13, the Center had widened the gap between the first and second doses of the Covishield vaccine to 12-16 weeks as per the recommendations of the Covid Working Group chaired by NK Arora.
“The government of India has communicated this change to the states and UT. The CoWin digital portal has also been reconfigured to reflect this interval extension for two doses of Covishield, manufactured by Serum Institute of India at 12-16 weeks, ”said the Ministry of Health.
States have also been encouraged to conduct awareness activities to inform recipients of the dosing schedule change.
The dosing schedule for Covaxin remains unchanged. The second dose of Covaxin can be taken four to six weeks after the first.


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