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India reiterates its support for the “just Palestinian cause” | India News


India reiterates its support for the "just Palestinian cause" | India News

NEW DELHI: Calling for an immediate reduction in the Israeli-Palestinian situation, India on Sunday urged both sides to exercise extreme restraint and refrain from taking any action to unilaterally change the status quo, including in East Jerusalem and your neighborhood. The government condemned all acts of violence and destruction and called for a resumption of dialogue.
When participating in a virtual meeting of the UNSC on the situation, the permanent representative of India to the UN TS Tirumurti strongly reiterated support for for the “just Palestinian cause” and unwavering commitment to the two-state solution.
“The immediate reduction is the need of the moment, to stop any slide towards the edge,” Tirumurti said.
India also condemned the “indiscriminate rocket fire from Gaza” against the civilian population of Israel, and also retaliatory attacks on Loop, saying that these had caused immense suffering and caused death, even of women and children.
Despite its growing ties with Israel, India has been walking the diplomatic tightrope by expressing concern about possible Palestinian evictions in East Jerusalem. India was not among the 25 Israeli PM countries Benjamin Netanyahu thanked in a tweet for supporting Israel’s right to self-defense against “terrorist attacks.”


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