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Crisis at home, India may still have to rush vaccination to neighbors | India News


Crisis at home, India may still have to rush vaccination to neighbors | India News

NEW DELHI: Despite overwhelming public opinion against India vaccine exports, the government you may have to consider exporting some vaccines in the coming months, especially in the countryImmediate neighborhood.
The government is observing the evolution of the situation in Nepal, the Maldives Y Bangladesh with growing concern. The first two are in the hands of a deadly wave of Covid, most likely of the double mutant variant. In the Maldives, the Covid situation has deteriorated dramatically, with a positivity rate of almost 60%. Man is under curfew right now.
Nepal is struggling, with more than a lakh of active cases. The health infrastructure in the Himalayan country is on the brink of collapse. Health facilities lack adequate oxygen capacity and testing. The main hospital is not accepting new Covid patients. The spread of the infection this time has covered more than 55 of the total of 77 districts. An official assessment says that the situation may get worse in the coming days. The It was The government is unlikely to be able to handle the crisis, which would put districts along the India-Nepal border at risk with patients crossing into medical facilities.
The key is to speed up vaccination in these countries. The government’s decision to send vaccines abroad had received public criticism in light of the vaccine shortage in the country. However, the government recognizes that, as the largest power in the region, India should also take care of the needs of its neighbors.


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