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30 killed in Roorkee village in May, locals say | India News


ROORKEE: At least 30 people lost their lives in a village in Uttarakhand’s Roorkee this month after suffering symptoms similar to Covid, locals said Sunday. The administration did not release the exact number of deaths in Libberheri village, but said that “several people have died.” A senior government official said teams from different departments, such as revenue, health and police, have been pressured to find out the exact cause of the deaths.
Roorkee Joint Magistrate Namami Bansal told TOI: “We do not yet have data that could indicate that these deaths are due to Covid-19. It is possible that (the deaths) were due to Covid-19 or some other fever or ailments. But we have stepped up our efforts to test all the Covid-19 suspects in the village. ”
Villagers believe it all started when some of them returned from Maharashtra, where they used to work. And they brought the infection to the town that has a population of around 12,000.
“My older brother lost his life due to Covid-19 like many others. Several people still suffer from this deadly fever, ”said Dharmender, 35.
On May 10, when an RT-PCR testing facility was installed in the village, 10 out of 71 tested positive for Covid-19. Shubham Kumar, a member of the group that organized the proving ground, said: “The locals are also to blame. They are not yet aware of Covid-19. Despite our efforts, they did not attend the tests. ”

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