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Is the second wave of Covid slowing down in India? 5 Charts Suggest The Worst Could Be Left Behind | India News

NEW DELHI: The Covid-19 crisis in India is far from over as the country continues to maintain a 7-day average of close to 3.5 lakh of Covid cases. However, the figures for the last few days suggest that perhaps the worst of the second wave is behind us.
Here he is decoding India’s Covid situation in 5 charts:
Cases are down, but overall numbers are still high
For the past few days, daily cases have been trending down after hitting an all-time high of over 4.14 lakh on May 6.
On Saturday, India’s daily case count fell to 3.26 lakh, its lowest level in nearly 17 days. Deaths remained high at 3,890, but the count fell below the 4,000 mark after three days.

While testing was slightly lower in India on Saturday, there have been no major changes to the 7-day average testing rate.
Cases that fall in the most affected states
The numbers indicate that several worst-hit states may have reached the peak of the second wave and are now witnessing a downward trend in new cases.
This is the main reason behind the drop in national numbers.

Is the second wave of Covid slowing down in India? 5 Charts Suggest The Worst Could Be Left Behind | India News

States like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Chhattisgarh, which suffered the brunt of the second wave in April, are now seeing a steady drop in cases.
In Karnataka, Gujarat and Kerala, cases appear to be stalling.
However, the situation remains dire in some other states such as West Bengal and Uttarakhand, where cases are on the rise. Meanwhile, the Health Ministry said the situation is particularly worrying in Tamil Nadu, which is also seeing an increase.
The positivity rate drops marginally
The positivity rate is a key indicator in determining the spread of the virus in the community.

It refers to the percentage of positive Covid cases out of the total samples analyzed.
From April 20 to May 10, India’s daily positivity rate remained above 20% and hit an all-time high of 26.8% on May 5. WHO recommended a positivity rate of 5% as the maximum threshold to ease restrictions. Anything beyond that is considered too high.
According to John Hopkins University, a high percentage of positive results means that more tests should probably be done.
For the past 4 days, the positivity rate has remained below the 20% mark, but it is still quite high.
Recoveries outnumber cases
During the past two days, daily recoveries have remained higher than new cases.

In fact, today was the fourth time in five days that the number of people who recovered from Covid was greater than the number of people who tested positive for the virus.
Change in active cases
Active cases in some of the worst affected states like Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh are declining.
Over the past 24 hours, total active cases fell by more than 14,000 in Maharashtra and by 10,843 in Uttar Pradesh.
Bihar, Delhi, and Gujarat are among the ten states experiencing a decline in active cases.

Meanwhile, the number of active cases continues to rise in states such as Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
In Tamil Nadu, active cases increased by more than 11,500 in the last 24 hours.

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