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India will have more vaccines from different companies in the next two months, says AIIMS director | India News


NEW DELHI: Amid the second wave of Covid-19, AIIMS Delhi Director Randeep Guleria said on Saturday that the country is preparing to accelerate the vaccination campaign as more vaccines will be available in India in the next two. months.
While jointly briefing the nation on the upcoming vaccination plan together with Medata President Naresh Tehran, Dr. Guleria stated that the elderly should be vaccinated as soon as possible, taking into account their comorbidities and high mortality rate.
“Vaccines will be available in large quantities probably in about 2 months as companies that are manufacturing vaccines will start to open their manufacturing plants, more doses of vaccines will be available. We hope that we will also get approval for Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine. -19. We will have more vaccines from different companies available in our country in the next six to eight weeks. ”
“I still believe that observing the comorbidities and the probability of dying due to Covid-19 is much higher in people with comorbidities and in the elderly, we should focus on trying to vaccinate them as soon as possible and also in the larger population that can be vaccinated in gradually, “he said.
The head of AIIMS noted that not everyone will be able to get vaccinated in one day, two or a month and called for a strategy to be developed in which vaccination appointments can be given two, three or four months later for the youngest age group. .
“A strategy must be developed whereby vaccination appointments can be given two, three or four months later for the younger age group and gradually more and more people can be strategically vaccinated.”
“One of the basic weapons we have to really defeat this pandemic is vaccination. The three main pillars we are currently working on are the appropriate behavior of Covida, aggressive management strategies so that we can save lives and a very rapid deployment in Regarding vaccination. All three will help us control the pandemic and save lives. Vaccination plays a very important role when it comes to preventing Covid-19. ”
Explaining why the duration of the second dose of Covishield was increased to 12 weeks, Dr Gueria said: “When there was this big increase in the UK in November-December last year, they took a calculated risk and decided to extend the dose. second dose lasts up to 12 weeks. That seemed to have worked and was considered a successful strategy for the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines because they were able to vaccinate more people. ”
He also mentioned that The Lancet studies suggest that people who took a shot had about 70 to 75 percent protection.
“That is not ideal, as we would like to have the highest percentage of protection possible, because that would mean that there would still be between 2 and 30 percent of people who will get the infection even after receiving a single injection of the vaccine.” . However, looking from a public health point of view, looking at the huge increase in cases that seems to be acceptable as a good number, “he said.
Addressing the concern of what happens to a person’s immunity when a vaccine injection is delayed, he said: “The data that emerged based on mathematical models suggested that if you took the Covishield vaccine in less than four weeks or about By the fourth week, his immunity was around 55 to 60 percent, but if injected after 12 weeks, immunity ends at around 80 to 85 percent. This has led regulators to recommend that the Covishield vaccine be can take later than before. That is why the duration of the second dose has been extended from 12 to 16 weeks. ”
Dr. Trehan urged people to get vaccinated and practice appropriate Covida behavior. He stated that most people who have a cough, cold, sore throat or fever mostly test positive, adding that they should immediately isolate themselves to protect others.
In addition, he stated that people must strictly follow the appropriate behavior of Covida, as the second wave is four times more lethal than the first wave.
“The public role is very important in the fight against this deadly disease. The second wave is four times deadlier than the first wave. When the first wave was controlled, people began to practice relaxation in the appropriate behavior of Covida because they thought that the virus was gone. I want people to understand that the virus is still there. ”
“The virus is mutating and the threat is how and how much it is going to mutate. The severity with which the virus is affecting the lungs of patients has multiplied by many. The infection in this wave is greater than the previous one. people should wear double masks and follow appropriate Covida behavior when going out and should also wear surgical masks or a cloth mask while at home. People experiencing symptoms should isolate themselves immediately. ”
The Medata president also said that hospital beds should only be reserved for critically ill patients, adding that 90 percent of Covid patients can be treated at home.
“When it comes to hospital facilities, 90% of Covid patients can be treated through home isolation and Covidcare isolation centers. This should be decided under the supervision of a doctor if a Covid patient needs hospitalization. Beds of hospital should only be reserved for critical patients cases. ”
“When it comes to vaccines, there are three vaccines available in the country and they will be available in a much larger quantity by June-July. In addition, we have a large number of people who can vaccinate, as well as an infrastructure available to administer vaccines to people as available, “Dr. Trehan said.
He stated that the second dose should be given six weeks apart in hot spots.
Addressing the problem that many, specifically healthcare workers, became infected even after getting vaccinated, he said those with the protection faced minimal infection and were able to recover at home within 10 to 11 days.
“Therefore, people must believe that vaccines provide protection against disease. Gradually, the vaccination process is accelerating and everyone will be covered by the vaccination program. Everyone must report for vaccination and strictly follow the appropriate behavior of Covida, “Dr. Trehan said.

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