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Government on widening gap in Covishield: ‘Driven by science’ | India News


Government on widening gap in Covishield: 'Driven by science' | India News

While the UK has decided to shorten the gap between doses of Covishield, the Center He stood firm in his decision to widen the gap, saying it was based on expert assessment and that there would be no controversy over suspected vaccine shortages.
“They (UK) are making decisions based on their situation, mutant, pandemic … We have made it according to our risk epidemiology. Drives us Sciences. It is a dynamic process. We will be attentive … we will find out the basis of their decision ”. Niti aayog member-health Dr. VK Paul saying.
The government said the expert group’s assessment is that even a single dose is 60-85% effective in preventing disease (collectively for mild, moderate and severe) and inhibits transmissibility.


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