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Fadnavis writes to Sonia, criticizes the Maharashtra government’s handling of the pandemic | India News


Fadnavis writes to Sonia, criticizes the Maharashtra government's handling of the pandemic | India News

MUMBAI: BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis on Saturday he wrote to the President of Congress Sonia gandhi on the situation of Covid-19 in MaharashtraRather, he said he should advise states where his party is in power on how to handle the pandemic.
State Congress leaders responded by claiming that the “arrogance and complacency” of the BJP-led Union government led to the current crisis.
The former prime minister of Maharashtra in his letter noted the high death rate in the state and alleged that the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress government was neglecting Vidarbha, Marathwada and North Maharashtra in the fight against the pandemic.
Fadnavis’s letter follows Gandhi’s own letter some time ago to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about alleged errors in the Center’s handling of the Covid-19 outbreak.
While criticizing the Center, Gandhi should also advise states governed by Congress, Fadnavis said.
Maharashtra accounts for up to 22 percent of coronavirus cases in the country, 31 percent of deaths, and 14 percent of currently active patients, Fadnavis wrote.
The general situation in the country would improve if the Maharashtra government acted together, he said.
The BJP leader claimed that Maharashtra has received “maximum assistance” from the Center, which includes “vaccine doses of Rs 1.80 million, more than eight lakhs of Remdesivir vials, 1,750 metric tons of oxygen, ventilators, BiPAP and concentrators. of oxygen “.
The “Mumbai model” for handling the pandemic, which has won praise from both the courts and the Center, was just about “doing more rapid antigen testing” (against RT-PCR testing) while reducing overall testing, he said.
Deaths from Covid-19 in the metropolis are being “repressed,” as 40 percent of deaths are classified as deaths caused by other reasons, Fadnavis alleged.
“Of the 4,000 deaths that are reported daily in the country, 850 are from Maharashtra alone … No attention has been focused on Vidarbha, Marathwada and northern Maharashtra. They seem to be left to fend for themselves,” he said.
In response to Fadnavis’ letter, the state Congress said it was an attempt to cover up the failure of the Center.
The head of the Maharashtra Congress, Nana Patole, said that the Modi government had turned the country into a “funeral yard”.
“Fadnavis should show the guts to write to the prime minister,” he said in a statement.
Congress leader Rahul gandhiThe warning about the pandemic in February 2020 went unheeded and there are now more than four lakhs of active cases in the country, he said.
“The arrogance and complacency of the Union government are responsible for this situation,” said Patole.
Due to the poor performance of the Center, Supreme Court he had to establish a national committee on the allocation of oxygen to the states, he said.
When other countries were vaccinating their citizens at an accelerated rate, “Modi was busy campaigning,” Patole said.
Despite the difficulties, Maharashtra has managed to vaccinate 1.15 million million people, the highest in the country, he said.
State Congress spokesman Sachin Sawant said Fadnavis’s letter reflected his training in “hypocrisy and double talk.”
The Center gave Maharashtra doses of 1.8 crore vaccine, but this was miniscule considering the state’s population and the number of patients, Sawant said.
He also disputed Fadnavis’ claim that the Center provided 1,750 tons of oxygen, saying 1,250 metric tons is the “state’s built-in capacity.”


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