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Chidambaram criticizes the Center for the delay in making decisions regarding inviting other Covaxin manufacturers | India News


NEW DELHI: Noting the Center’s delay in decision-making, former Finance Minister and Congress leader P Chidambaram on Saturday he asked who will be responsible for the preventable infections and loss of life due to the central government’s delay in inviting other vaccine manufacturers to produce Covaxin.
In a series of tweets, Chidambaram said Congress had offered the suggestion that compulsory licenses be issued to other manufacturers four weeks before the government made the decision.
“Four weeks after CWC demanded that compulsory licenses be issued to other manufacturers, the central government has decided to invite other manufacturers to apply for Covaxin production! “, He said.

“Better late than never. But who will be responsible for the preventable infections and loss of life from this 4-week delay? Who screwed up the simple arithmetic of the huge gap between domestic production and demand?” added.
The congressional leader also asked if it was correct that the central government had not yet found a foreign manufacturer to which a firm order has been placed to import vaccines.
“The central government continues to lie to the people of India,” he said.
After several reports of Covid-19 shortages at inoculation centers across the country, NITI Aayog member Dr. VK Paul said Thursday that the central government and Hyderabad, based in Bharat Biotech they are willing to invite other companies that want to produce Covaxin in an attempt to increase vaccine production.
Meanwhile, the national spokesman for Congress Abhishek Singhvi He told the Center not to “insult intelligence” by making false promises and then extending deadlines.
In a tweet, he asked how the government planned to vaccinate the entire adult population by December this year, considering that it would require more than 91 lakh jabs per day, and the maximum doses administered per day, globally, are approximately 41 lakh.
“Do not insult the intelligence with false promises and then extending the deadlines. How can #Govt vaccinate more than 18 inhabitants by December 21? Do you need 91 or more lac jabs / day, as of August 2, 21 ? day, less than half? Are you a magic wand or are you irresponsible when you promise? “he tweeted.
India is currently in the middle of the third phase of the nationwide vaccination campaign. According to the union health ministry on Friday, the cumulative number of doses administered in the country amounted to 18,04,29,261.
Up to 3,26,098 new cases of Covid-19, 3,53,299 discharges and 3,890 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours, according to the Union Ministry of Health.
The total number of cases amounts to 2.43,72,907, including 2,04,32,898 recoveries, 2,66,207 deaths, and 36,73,802 active cases.

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