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Monsoon will arrive early in Kerala: IMD | India News

Monsoon will arrive early in Kerala: IMD | India News

NEW DELHI: The Southwest monsoon it is likely to arrive about Kerala on May 31, one day before your normal start date, the Department of Meteorology of India (IM D) said on Friday.
The normal start date of the monsoon in Kerala is June 1.
“This year, the start of the southwest monsoon over Kerala is likely to be on May 31 with a model error of plus / minus 4 days,” IMD said.
In the monsoon region of India, initial monsoon rains are experienced in the south Andaman The sea and monsoon winds then move northwest across the bay of Bengal.
According to the new normal monsoon start or progress dates, the southwest monsoon advances over the Andaman Sea around May 22.
As a cyclone is expected to form over it arabian sea, transequatorial southwest winds have temporarily strengthened over the Arabian Sea.
The equatorial cross flow is very likely to strengthen and deepen over the Bay of Bengal as of May 20 and there is likely to be sustained rainfall activity in the southern Bay of Bengal and Andaman. Nicobar Islands from May 21.
Therefore, the advance of the monsoon over the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is very likely around May 21.
The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has said that the monsoon is expected to be normal this year.


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