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Maharashtra will increase its oxygen production capacity to 3,000 MT: Ajit Pawar | India News


Maharashtra will increase its oxygen production capacity to 3,000 MT: Ajit Pawar | India News

Maharashtra Chief Deputy Minister Ajit Pawar (File photo)

PUNE: Maharashtra chief deputy minister Ajit Pawar | on Friday he said the state government has set a goal of producing 3,000 metric tons of oxygen per day to ensure the state does not face a shortage of the life-saving gas.
Speaking to reporters after a Covid-19 situation review meeting, Pawar said steps are being taken to raise health care infrastructure considering experts’ prediction that children will be the most vulnerable during the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic.
“The state government has made the decision to maintain the goal of producing 3,000 MT of oxygen per day. Currently, the production capacity in the state exceeds 1,200 MT, but the decision has been made to increase production by 1,800 MT to ensure that there is no shortage, “he said.
Pawar, who is also Pune’s watchdog minister, also said that several cases of mucormycosis have been reported in Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad and rural parts of the district.
“As the drugs required for the treatment of fungal infection are expensive, directives have been issued to ensure that the supply of these drugs is fluid and to eliminate any possibility of black marketing,” he said.
As experts have predicted that children may be affected in the third wave of the pandemic, a task force consisting of pediatricians has been formed and hospitals have been instructed to arrange beds for the children, Pawar said.
The country is receiving aid in terms of medicines, oxygen and other health resources from other nations, he said.
“All help goes to Center and then it goes to the states. We expect transparency about how much aid the country receives from abroad and how much is distributed to the states. Aid must be provided to states according to the number of cases (Covid-19) they have, “he said.
The chief deputy minister also said that as Bharat Biotech will produce vaccines in Manjari plant, the district administration has been asked to provide all necessary assistance with power supply and other facilities.
“The divisional commissioner and collector had visited the plant and it could take another three months to start producing vaccines at the facility,” he said.
Pawar said he has asked the divisional commissioner Saurabh rao request the firm to give Maharashtra a preference to receive the vaccine after they fulfill their commitment to the Center.


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