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Government can buy 50 million doses of Pfizer Covid vaccine by the third quarter | India News


NEW DELHI: The government and Pfizer are in “high-level” discussions that could see the pharmaceutical giant sell 50 million of its Covid vaccine doses in India by the third quarter of this year with current negotiations pointing to a successful conclusion.
Senior government officials are believed to have negotiated the availability of these vaccines in a series of meetings with senior Pfizer executives, the main obstacle being the company’s insistence on compensation that will protect it from legal action in India. While the nature of a deal on this contentious issue is still unclear, senior officials said the issue and other matters will be clarified in due course.
The vaccines will be available for purchase by the government only for its Covid immunization program. Pfizer vaccines are quite expensive, but there is a growing demand to expand the pool of vaccines available to the population, in addition to the injections that are given in India.
State governments like UP, Maharashtra and others have announced that they are floating in global tenders for vaccine manufacturers to sell their vaccines here. However, there are not too many free shares available and the results of this exercise should be seen even as officials said they will work with states to see what can be done better.
The current rise in the Covid pandemic in India has exacerbated the demand for mass vaccinations.
The European Medicines Agency said Wednesday that approved mRNA vaccines could combat the new variant detected in Maharashtra. “The EMA is monitoring the data for the Indian variant very closely. We are seeing promising evidence that mRNA vaccines will be able to neutralize this variant, ”he said. The EMA has licensed the Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca and J&J vaccines for the continent.
While the US does not yet allow the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines produced there to be exported as long as the Americans need it, European manufacturing centers will likely be the source for the Pfizer vaccines that India intends to purchase.

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