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Electoral Commission establishes a central committee to identify gaps in recent assembly elections | India News


NEW DELHI: The Election Commission on Thursday established a central committee headed by its secretary general to study lessons learned from recent assembly polls, identify gaps in enforcement of Covid security standards at the state electoral chief level, and District officials and scout the post -Toll Protection for your field officers, including tellers.
The central committee’s recommendations, to be presented in a month’s time, will help the EC chart a way forward for future elections and push for further electoral reform, the poll panel said.
The sources said the central committee, which includes senior EC officials, state executive directors and observers deployed to states that did not participate in the vote, will assess the need to strengthen the legal framework to allow ECI to ensure better compliance with its pandemic patterns. Measures for the strict application of the Covid protocol by authorized agencies under the respective regulatory / legal regime will be discussed, regardless of and in addition to ECI guidelines, will be discussed.
EC contends that while it established general guidelines for Covid safety during elections, enforcing them was primarily the responsibility of the disaster management machinery at the state and district levels. “At no time, the Commission assumes the task of the SDMA,” he had stated on April 22.
Importantly, the panel will discuss deficiencies in the existing framework to protect the electoral machinery, right down to the teller, from possible retaliation after the elections. Ideas will be exchanged and recommendations made on measures to strengthen the CEO, DEO and RO offices.
Chief Elections Commissioner Sushil Chandrahad, in a recent interview with TOI, said that EC would discuss immunity for its field officers who perform election duties fairly and neutrally, from disciplinary action for up to one year. “Election-related officials often face the ire of the new government in the post-election phase. The EC is concerned about this ”, he had admitted when asked by TOI about the recent threats facing Nandigram RO.
The central committee will analyze the gaps in the MCC regime; discuss measures to further strengthen spending management; review issues related to the electoral roll and the EPIC; and study gaps in communication strategy, if any. Input will be taken from state nodal officers from different divisions such as police, spending, health, etc., as well as from some DEO, SP and OR on the problems and challenges facing the grassroots levels.

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