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Allow door knocks to cover maximum population: IMA | India News


Allow door knocks to cover maximum population: IMA | India News

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) – the national body of physicians in the country – has supported the directive of the Bombay High Court to the Center to reconsider its policy and include door-to-door vaccinations against Covid-19.
IMA members said this would accelerate the current rate of inoculations and cover the peak population in record time. “The Union government needs to review its policy now,” said IMA senior surgeon and national president JA Jayalal He said YOU.
The IMA, with 3.56 billion members across the country, will write to the Center about this, it reports Umesh Isalkar. “Our members would wholeheartedly participate in the process as vaccinators or as members of standby medical teams that oversee such vaccinations in small medical units, housing society facilities, and school and university campuses,” Jayalal said.
Sanjay Patil, Chairman of the IMA Hospital Board of India (HBI), Pune Branch, said: “Mass inoculation by door-to-door vaccination will help us achieve herd immunity quickly. We are ready to support the government now. the district administration as experts to achieve this goal. ”
Clinical epidemiologist Amitav Banerjee said: “The elderly and people over 45 years of age with comorbidities should get targeted protection through isolation and vaccination as a priority. Mass inoculation through door-to-door visits can allow rapid vaccination of the vulnerable population of the country in a short period of time. lapse. ”


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