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’10 SC judges, 106 of the superior courts have tested positive since April last year ‘| India News


NEW DELHI: Chief Justice NV Ramana said Thursday that the three-tier judicial system has continued its task of delivering justice despite being hit hard by Covid-19, which affected numerous staff members and judges.
He said that up to 2,768 court officials, out of a workforce of around 18,000, have tested positive since April of last year. The coronavirus has also infected 106 judges in the superior courts, which together have a workforce of 660 judges. This means that more than 15% of the judges tested positive.
The incidence of Covid cases among SC judges is higher than at other levels of the justice administration system. Over the last year period, up to 10 SC judges tested positive for Covid, yet the SC had conducted its scheduled hearings via video conferencing. CJI Ramana said: “We lost three of our officials to Covid.”

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