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This is the biggest crisis India has ever seen: Eminent Indian-American philanthropist at Covid-19 | India News


NEW DELHI: This is the biggest crisis ever seen in India. So what I urge you to do is two things: One is to make sure you support your family and friends in India. But this is the only time everyone should do more, Indiaspora founder MR Rangaswami, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who lost his sister in Chennai to Covid-19, told PTI.
Silicon Valley-based Rangaswami said it has been working around the clock to mobilize as many funds and resources as the diaspora community in the US and other parts of the world can do for people in India, who are experiencing the worst public health in history. post-independence crisis.
This is the only time we should give more than we can; more than we think; more than we want to do. This kind of crisis doesn’t happen every day, Rangaswami said in response to a question.
Indiaspora, a network of eminent diaspora leaders, has raised more than $ 2.5 million. Over the weekend, she was part of a Help Tamil Nadu Breathe campaign that raised $ 1.5 million.
Furthermore, Rangaswami has been involved in multiple fundraising campaigns for India, which according to him is crucial to saving lives not only in India but also in the region and the world.
The problem is that if India does not contain it, it will affect Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and many countries in India. This could cause great human and economic cost.
We don’t want to solve this in three months in the United States, he said, adding that the Covid-19 variant in India is much more contagious and harmful to people.
Rangaswami said that the diaspora in the US has done very well to reach out to the US administration to make them see how important this is not only to the American Indian origin, but also to the US. And the world.
Members of the diaspora community are in close contact with different people in the administration, he said.
Community leaders are also in contact with the Indian side, he said and welcomed recent decisions by the Indian government to waive and reduce various taxes, including import duties and the GST.
That was a big problem. Things like that are happening. Now, the diaspora is also asking perhaps a waiver from the FCRA (Foreign Contribution (Regulations) Act) rules that prevent under-awarding of money so that we can have a friction-free flow of money until the last mile. , He said.
Noting that the diaspora community is closely watching developments in India, Rangaswami hoped it would soon slow down.
We don’t know when they will peak. But everyone in general, our prayers are with them, our thoughts are with them, our support is for India, and we will keep all of this going, he added.
After recording more than four lakhs of new cases for four consecutive days, India witnessed a single-day increase of 3.66,161 Covid-19 cases on Monday and 3,29,942 infections on Tuesday.

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