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EC, courts and government did not see the risk of holding elections: Allahabad High Court | India News


PRAYAGRAJ: Citing the incursions made by Covid into UP villages that were not affected by the first wave, the Allahabad high court has observed that the Election Commission, the high courts and the government “failed to understand the disastrous consequences” of allowing elections in some states and panchayat polls in UP amid the pandemic.
Judge Siddharth’s single court said the state government, already having difficulty controlling the spread of the virus in urban areas, would possibly find it extremely difficult to test, detect infections and treat the population in villages. reports Rajesh Kumar Pandey.
“The state lacks the preparation and resources for the same at this time,” Judge Siddharth said in granting an advance bond to a Prateek Jain from Ghaziabad in a cheating case because the spread of Covid-19 is a threat to the life of the person.
“Apprehension of death for reasons such as the current novel coronavirus pandemic can certainly be considered grounds for granting advance bail,” the court ruled, noting that a large number of FIRs had stayed in villages during the panchayat. elections in UP. “Even if not, the crime rate in the villages is quite high in the state,” he said. “Considering the general situation after the panchayat elections, a large number of defendants may be infected and this may not have been detected.”

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