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WHO takes note of UP’s efforts to control the spread | India News


LUCK: In an article posted on its official website, the World Health Organization (WHO) took note of the recently concluded door-to-door campaign by the Uttar Pradesh government to isolate hidden cases of Covid-19 in villages, saying : micro planning, home visits, concurrent monitoring. and follow-ups are crucial to ensure that no one loses access to health care and vaccination services, Shailvee Sharda reports.
In the article, WHO considered the details of the PU campaign in 97,941 villages in 75 districts. He noted that 1,41,610 teams led by 21,242 supervisors were deployed for an active case-finding exercise that spanned five days.
Each team visited houses in villages and remote villages to assess all people with symptoms. Those who tested positive were quickly isolated and given a kit. The contacts of those who tested positive were quarantined and tested, he said.

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